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Alice Moretti
3 min readApr 5, 2016


It has happened to each one of us, at least once in our life. You come home from work and you feel like what you are doing is not enough to nurture your mind. You feel like a green meadow waiting for the most beautiful flowers to grow. In other words, you are waiting for inspiration, to start an activity that you enjoy doing, that makes you feel happy and gratified.

This activity I have decided to call it the “click moment”.

The click moment is about what is meaningful to you, what makes you smile and feel satisfied. It can be whatever: playing a musical instrument, building something, joining a sport or an art club, gardening, going for a bike ride, etc.

Everyone has his or her click moment waiting behind the corner to be discovered. Maybe you are too busy to look for it or, perhaps, (you will have to admit it) you are just a bit lazy and lately, you have relied a bit too much on your couch and on scrolling your Facebook account. If this is the case then…Stop! Don’t do it! That’s the first step towards failure when searching for something to do that makes you feel happy and gratified! Looking at other’s people holiday pictures won’t probably give you any stimulating input.

Resisting the urge to grab your phone when bored, it’s crucial to start your journey across inspiration. But what comes next? How do we concretely find our click moment?

In my experience, there are some key activities we can carry out when looking for it:

• Surround yourself with interesting people.

• Challenge yourself with something you have never done before

• Listen to people who love you

• Listen yourself

Let’s take a deeper look at them:

Surround yourself with interesting people

Are you a bit suspicious about that friend that seems to envy you? Are you fed up with the other one that complains all the time about life being boring and not having anything to do? Then stay away from them! Best inputs always come positive, curious and smart people, sometimes even strangers. Use all the chances you have to meet new people and make the most out of it!

Challenge yourself with something you have never done before

You have always wanted to learn Irish dances, but people around you have always told you that you are a horrible dancer? Forget what other people say and go for it! Have fun! Pick a sport, class or whatever you want and set some goals. If it is the right thing for you, you will commit and feel a lot satisfied.

Listen to who knows you well but…be aware…

Best friend, boyfriend, wife, mother, etc. all of them know your strengths and weaknesses and can provide you with great tips to inspire you. Nonetheless, be aware that the people who know you better might have, over time, developed misperceptions around you and especially who you are…Your parents might still see you as the 15 years old girl full of hope they remember. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be so much in love with you to have a slightly distorted image of you and thus not be able to suggest you the best activity for you.

Listen to yourself

For the reason mentioned in the previous point, after having taken the chance to exchange some ideas with other people, take some time to listen to yourself and figure out what you really want to do.

Be yourself

You have a whole day at work to be serious and wear clothes you might not even like…When dealing with your click moment, just be yourself!

Now it’s your turn, put your phone or computer aside, start optimizing your free time and let the inspiration process begin!



Alice Moretti

Frontend-developer, nature addicted, runner, coffee & yoga lover living in Helsinki.